Local Agents Here in North Carolina!

We have educational events!!!
Contact us for an invitation to our next event.

Local Agents Here in North Carolina!

Contact us for an invitation to our next educational event.

Local Agents Here in North Carolina!

The Top Local Insurance Agents In North Carolina!

Our local insurance agents have years of experience helping our members, some of us live right here in Wilmington, NC for YOU!
One of our local agents can help you get started with Medicare or Medicare Advantage and help you understand your options and explain how you can get all the benefits you deserve many you may not have even known existed!

Knowing your on the right plan for your personal circumstances gives you the confidence and peace of mind when it comes to receiving the best care available. By taking the time to know you and unique situation we help ensure you get the absolute best plan available matched with the best premiums for YOU.

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As insurance agents we know situations change, to help keep you on the best plan for your situation we provide annual plan reviews! This is a free service so all of our customers can rest assured knowing they have the best health plan their unique circumstances.

When searching for an insurance agent near me you will be happy to know we live here in the Wilmington, NC community. Our agents are available for YOU all through the year. You will never be routed to a call center, we are personally here to explain your benefits and to assist you with any issues that can arise.  
You know what one of the best parts of our service? There is no cost to you for the services we provide.

We are here to help you over the phone, or online using video conferencing like zoom.  When you need to reach us you will be able to talk directly to the local insurance agent who has been working with you all along.

At Franklin Insurance Group our insurance agents also provides free education events! If you would like to attend an event and live in any of our retirement communities such as Brunswick Forest, Ocean Ridge Plantation, Porters Neck, Brunswick Plantation, Sea Trail or any other community in North Carolina be sure to contact us.

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Medicare Advantage

Simply put -
The best Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans available to you. Plus the understanding to help you get the right plan for your life's circumstances.

Life Insurance

Choosing the right life insurance policy can be a daunting task. We can help you understand the different types of policies available and which one best suits your needs.


Lifetime Income
Whether you're looking to bolster your retirement income or ensure you have income for your retirement years an annuity may be a wise choice for you.

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